Saturday, September 20, 2008

anyone know how to read children's drawings?

I know that there are clues in children's drawings as to how they are feeling about different areas of their lives. I am not worried but I was thinking this morning as the boys trouped out to show me their artwork that Max always draws the same things. Misha always draws his own rendition of what Max draws. I think I know how to read Misha--extreme follower(?)

And to me, Max looks pretty happy with life in general.

These are some of Max's recent works. I haven't selected only my favorites, just a random sampling. And other than that cute little monkey, these are all very typical for him.
A church, a rainbow, a smiling sunglass-clad sun and a big tree.

A very freaky-looking smiling sun (I don't think the freakiness was intentional), a house, some trees, birds in the sky...

I love this one. It's a monkey. Hard to see but so cute.

Here is something typical for him: Christmas-themed pictures. Even in the orphanage when we went to visit him, he was always drawing presents and Christmas trees. That is Grandfather Frost (Like Santa) flying overhead, and of course, the ever present smiling sunshine.

Another house. Ours. I am pretty sure he drew this picture just to have a place to put that American flag. He loves American symbols. He also loves the Ukrainian flag, but rarely draws it.

This is Hannah. I think she needs to brush her teeth. :-)

Here's what I know:
Even though Max is eight, his coloring is more like someone younger. When he colors in a coloring book, he has only this past month or so started coloring things color-correct. In other words, his pictures before might have a purple sun, a blue cat, or one pink and one orange arm, etc...

He draws smiles, bright colors, rainbows and sunshine.
I am guessing he's pretty happy in general.

He draws homes, houses, and churches. I don't really know what to make of this except that he always seems to draw them with a happy environment.

In a coloring book, he will usually choose pictures of a big animal with a smaller one, father son, sister brother, mother baby, etc...

So, If you are learned in this area (or even if you are not), give me some feedback! I'd love to hear what you think. I will consider anything you suggest. Like I said, in general, he seems pretty happy and content. He really seems to be enjoying family life. He's kind and gentle and loving particularly to the little ones.


Scott & Kelly Spangler said...

Steve & Melissa,

My wife and I found your blog after seeing your video on You Tube. We adopted a little girl (Anna Katherine) from Kharkiv in May of 07.

After returning home, we learned that she had two half siblings located in the Green Forest Baby Orphanage in the Urban Village Vysokiy. We have been working since January to find out more information about these two children. We have our facilitator from our first adoption representing us as our Power of Attorney. He is in the process of gathering more information and visiting these two children in the next month if all goes as planned.

We read your blog from Feb 08 and you mentioned a young boy named David, who was stuck in the system due to incomplete paperwork. You also mentioned that he had a little sister as well.

We were told from our facilitator that AK's brother and sister had never been put into the registry due to incomplete paperwork. Her brother's name is David Yuriovych Fedun born in 2000. Her sister's name is Maria Yuriovych Fedun born in 2001. Do you recognize these names? Could these be the children that you were mentioning in your blog?

We would love to correspond with you more if you would be willing to do so.

We have enjoyed reading all your blogs and celebrate with you on the blessing that God has provided to your entire family. We also faced many of the same challenges that you both experienced while in Ukraine. We found our adoption experience to be such a powerful life altering event.

God bless your entire family...we hope to hear from you soon!

Scott and Kelly Spangler

Mike and Christie said...

I'm always fascinated by kids art. He does look happy. :)

When our Anna came to us, she was 5 and had no ability to draw ANYTHING. There were black scribbles on paper. That was it. Then, after a few months, we saw some primitive circles with eyes. Soon after she started to form more things.
Now, she is 9 and a half, and draws about what like you are showing of Max.
I too wonder, if as they heal, and put life in perspective, if things won't get better artistically?
I don't know.

I do know that Anna had alcohol and drug exposure and that is always on the back of my mind when it comes to her schooling, art, organization skills etc. Only God knows. :)

I will continue to do my best to point her in the right direction.