Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going Well

Things are going well here. The kids all continue to get along as though the boys had always been here. for the most part, the kids divide along gender lines only for certain times of play. The boys play cars, the girls talk dolls, that sort of thing. In general, we see them play together most of the time.

The weather has suddenly cooled just enough to draw everyone outdoors and we have started school a little late the last few mornings while I let the kids take advantage of the perfect fall mornings. Our driveway is on a hill and while this is something I used to regret, now I am grateful for it! The kids have spent many hours riding bikes down that hill! Remember Max's sneakers?

The last few days I have noticed the wagon hitched to the back of the play tractor. the wagon is full of dry grass clippings. Hannah tells me it is their hayride. Max is the usual driver and I have seen up to three kids piled into the back of his trailer depending on whether he is going uphill or down. :-)
Vitali and Ivy play most of the day together. They fight like little kids will, but they also love to be together. They are so funny! We just love the entertainment they provide! Here are a couple of pictures of today's lunch. Peanut butter and silly sandwiches.

Life is good. We are blessed. So very blessed. Praise the Lord!



DoveFamily said...

Glad things are continuing to go well - your family is so beautiful!


Lynn Falk said...

I like Ivy's belly hanging out of her shorts in the first picture! Too funny...

Anonymous said...

OK, Ivy's sitting on a...watermelon? What is Vitali sitting on?


Chad and Tara said...

Oh, they are just darling!

Kathy and Matt said...

It's always so fun to read your posts. I love the pictures of the kids just enjoying life and each other.