Monday, June 30, 2008

A day at the Little River

...That's it's name. I just call it, "The Creek".

On Saturday we all hopped into the car and headed for The Creek. Everyone had a good time.

We found crayfish, caught some minnows, and the kids all had a blast riding down a channel someone had built of stones so that the water flowed through it a little deeper and quite fast. It looked fun and I wished it were deep enough for grown-ups!

Vitali and myself sat on the warm stones for a while so he cold warm up. He is so scrawny that he gets cold pretty quickly. (on a side note: we weighed him the other day and found that he has increased from 29 lbs when he first got here to 36 pounds. He's still really skinny so that should tell you something!)
Isn't he a little darling? I love this little guy!
You may remember Misha and his troubles with sensory issues. Those two words flow off my tongue so easily now that we have studied and worked hard to handle the strange behaviors and reactions that occur when you don't prcess sensory information in a healthy manner.

As I expected, Misha was worried about the creek. The bottom is covered with stones, the water is moving and chilly, there are visible fishlings swimming in it and water skaters zipping across its surface. Now, for those of you who don't know about this kind of thing, this next part may not sound very motherly to you.

Misha was worried but was tiptoeing along holding my hand. After a while I asked him what he was afraid of. "Slipping and falling into the water." he said. Not missing a beat I let go of his hand and gave him a gentle shove which sent his little life-jacket clad self into the two foot deep water. He popped right up and I smiled at him. "See?" I said. "It's ok to fall in! The water is fun!" He gave me a surprised look, smiled, let go and was off for a fantastic time. I never thought it would be so easy. He has improved so much!!

Here he is crawling into the channel to sail himself downstream for the hundredth time!
And here comes Max for another round. That's Steve behind him cooling his head. He was helping the little ones stop at the end of the channel so we didn't lose anyone further downstream!

The lovely Annette liked looking for crayfish. She never caught any, though. You kind of have to touch them for that. Unless you have a plastic cup, which we didn't. Look closely and you'll see she just lost one of her top teeth the day before !Ivy is our little dolly.

And here are all six, sitting a a fallen tree. Vitali was very nervous about the tree at first but then he realized he could handle it and decided he was pretty awesome to be sitting up so "high"!
Left to right are: Annette (6), Hannah (8), Vitali (4), Ivy (3), Misha (6), and Max (8).

Time to go!

Now, that was fun!



Kathy & Matt said...

Melissa and Steve,
Just wanted to tell you that everytime I stop by your blog it brings a smile to my face.

All 6 of your children are beautiful and the photos you share of them simply enjoying life together are precious. Thank you for giving us glimpses into life with the Eimers. It looks like a joyful place to be a kid (probably a grown up too!)

It's great to see how well everyone is doing.

Mike and Christie said...

How FUN! We love going to our local lake. Erika had some of those fears the first time we were in water.

I think she screamed continually for almost an hour. She was having fun in between screams. :)

I finally said, "If you can't stop screaming, we will have to go home."

She stopped. YEA! (except for some muffled whimpers)
The water was just too fun!

BethPie said...

There's nothing better than a cool creek in the summer. What fun! They couldn't be cuter.

Congratulations to Miss Annette on the lost tooth. Our Chloe still has her loose ones on top - she's not very motivated in the wiggling department.

DoveFamily said...

Wonderful progress for Misha - so exciting!! Your kids are so precious, and I thank God for the blessing that you've given the boys, and vice versa!!

We'll probably be traveling up to Knoxville in the fall for a UT game - maybe we can meet while we're in town. We've been in touch for so long now, I think it'd be like seeing an old friend :)

Nancy said...

I love your blog and your family! My children have some sensory issues also. I suggest looking at It is an occupational therapist that made fun kids CD's to help them regulate. I saw her in person and it was great. My children love the music and I use it in school with my students with autism also. Thanks for sharing your family!

Mike and Christie said...

Melissa, it cracks me up every time I see a picture of Steve and Vitali next to each other. To me, they look exactly alike. Is there a pic of Steve a Vitali's age that looks like Vitali?

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

Looks like an awesome time!!! I love watching your boys grow and experience new things.

All of the children look so happy!

Becky said...

I think tossing him in the river like that was EXACTLY a 'motherly' thing to do. In fact I think I've done things like that to my boys a time or two.... or maybe I KNOW I have. ;)

Congratulations on your family, every one of your children are lovely.