Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ivy wanted me to fall!

Not taking ownership when things happen seems to be a common theme for Vitali and Misha but this latest one was a classic.

Vitali had been standing on the recliner in our living room when he fell with a loud thud. Ivy rushed right over to help the wailing Vitali and was comforting him. When we asked Vitali what happened and how he fell, Vitali said "I was on that, and Ivy wanted me to fall, and I fell."

Funny thing is, when I want Vitali to behave, he doesn't.



meimers said...

I wish I had those kind of powers. I'm gonna have to talk to Ivy and see how she does it ;)

Mike and Christie said...

Ivy, can you tell me to "Finish the Taxes, Finish the Taxes!"

Stange Family said...

sounds like his english is improving rapidly!!

gayle said...

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