Monday, June 02, 2008

What is it about boys and things with wheels!

If anyone were to look at my front yard tonight, they would know that I didn't take any lawn-mowing pictures today! I took a bunch the other day, though. How could I resist? It was so funny!

We took our push-mower into the shop to get fixed and while it was there we asked about a rider. To make a long story short, Steve was quite the hero around here when it arrived! I mean, the boys were impressed that we had a
push mower but now a riding mower? What could be more exciting?!

We live on about an acre of land and as Steve buzzed around the ever-shortening grass, Max was there, marching ten feet behind all the way.

The girls joined him once in a while:
But only Max stuck it out to the end!

He was barefoot and sweaty but as happy as could be!
And when it was done, everyone took turns going for a ride. Vitali practically shot off of the front step where he had been sitting while keeping a very close eye on the process! ( I am sure he would have walked the whole lawn too but we couldn't be sure he would stay behind the mower!)
What fun!!



Lynn said...

What an exciting thing for a little boy! Warren wishes so badly he could justify getting a rider for our yard. He thinks the neighbors should go in together and share one. I think he should just keep using the push's good exercise. (easy for me to say)

I'm sure that the bath water was a nice brown color after Max was finished! (He did bathe later, right? :) )

Why is Vitali wearing a jacket, was it chilly?

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

You do NOT mow an acre of grass!!

We used to live in OR and had about 2 acres grass to mow ALL the time! Luke used to fall asleep on the mower every time he got on it!

Loved the pictures!

Mike and Christie said...

You need sheep and goats. Sheep eat grass, goats eat weeds! :)

We also have a riding lawn mower, and there is much bonding that goes along with riding with mom or dad on that mower. :)

kari said...

Boys and mowers! What could be better? I'm sure they are loving it. Owen loves Dan's crazy mower. I can't imagine what he would do with a riding mower.

Steve Eimers said...

Lynn, It was good exercise to mow on foot! But it was me who did it and time is a bit more of a premium these days... But Steve would have gotten me a rider a long time ago if I hadn't protested. I liked the exercise and (shhhhh.....) I also like the time to myself where I can hear nothing but the hum of the mower!


Stange Family said...

so cute! I have a great one from last year of 3 of the 4 kids on the tractor with John! I love it!

Beth Laurie said...

John's going to be so jealous. He really wants to get a riding lawnmower. He's been looking on craigslist faithfully for the past month. Hopefully he'll be able to find a good deal soon.

Beth Laurie said...

I should say that our lawn is not that big to justify getting a rider, but he wants to be able to mow the neighbors lawn for them too, but doesn't have the time to do it with a push mower.

Ashley Dumas said...

I linked to your post by way of another adopting Mom. We are also looking into adoption and I enjoy reading different families experiences.
I hope that it is alright for me to comment here as i know that I am a stranger etc... however, when I saw your riding lawn mower pics, I really felt I must comment. My father was injured severely when the lawn mower (of a neighbor!) passed within 10-15 feet of him and picked up and threw a tiny scrap of metal into his leg. In fact the scrap of oddly enough metal wire, is still embedded in the bone of his leg. The wire caused severe bleeding and then he had to be treated to prevent infection. He also suffers from complete numbness on the inside of his left foot. Our family was in the yard that day and it was really scary! I know this sounds morbid, but it is actually not very uncommon for mowers to hit a small solid object and cause a projectile. This can happen even with a small child's toy, a stick, or an aluminum can. It is actually safer to push or ride a mower than walk along side, behind of, or in front. After my Dad's accident we cleared out of our 3 acre!!: )yard while my Dad mowed. In time all the kids got to learn to mow, just to really respect that mowers deserve a lot of space: ) I am really sort of reluctant to post but because I also know of two other boys who were badly injured by a mower throwing objects, I felt that maybe this could help your kids stay safe.
Peace, Ash

Christine said...

THey look so happy! What bright smiles!