Monday, November 05, 2007


(Hannah in the Knoxville airport)

Rick(Laurie's fiance), Hannah, Laurie and Mary(two of Steve's sisters)

(Good ol' Honest Abe)

(At the funeral of Great Grandma Payne.
Hannah is on Grandma Eimers' lap in the front row. Steve's dad, Roger, is officiating)

(Beautiful fall foliage in the Northeast.)

I have an amazing story to tell you...

Steve's Grandmother passed on to Heaven just recently and he was able to fly to NY for the funeral on the spur of the moment despite the adoption fund raising efforts because his sister, she works as a flight attendant for United, was able to give him some buddy passes very affordably!

I was so glad for Steve that he was able to go and we were even able to have Hannah go with him. She is eight and old enough for this to be important to her. That was great... but it's not the amazing part.

The plane trip involved a stop in Washington DC. Steve and Hannah ended up staying the night there since his two sisters, Laurie and Mary live there and were flying up the next day. That way they could all fly together and Hannah was thrilled to be driven around for a late night tour of the sights of DC. She even go to ride the subway! But even though that was a huge thrill for Hannah, it still wasn't the amazing part!

On the flight from Knoxville to DC, Steve sat next to a man who commented that Hannah looks just like his daughter looked at that age. Steve told him that we have two more at home. "Is she the oldest?" The man asked.

"Well, she is for now", Steve answered him.

"Oh, are you adopting?"

"yes: three children"

"Internationally? "


(Here is one part of the amazing part...)

"Oh! I am a missionary to Donetsk!" (Donetsk is the 2nd largest city in Ukraine.)

Isn't that so cool?! Steve had literally only hours before decided to take this trip, let alone this exact flight and here he was sitting next to a man who works in Ukraine as a missionary!! This man gave Steve his contact information and, since he will be in the States for a while, said that if we end up in Donetsk, we can stay in his flat! That would be a huge savings!

But keep your hats on; there is another amazing part:

Then in NY, Steve stopped by the home of a friend of ours. She wasn't home but her family said that she was down at her church. So, he drove over there. He couldn't find her so he went and used the restroom and prepared to leave when he bumped into the pastor of the church. The pastor's shirt read: "God's love for Ukraine"!! Needless to say, Steve struck up a conversation with him! He said that if we are in Western Ukraine to contact him and he will find us housing with some of their missionaries there!!

Coincidence? I doubt it!
See? I told you it was amazing!

For you are great and do amazing things.
You alone are God.
Psalm 86:10


Nataliya said...

This is amazing! It means that you are meant to go to Ukraine to adopt your kids!

I love your new blog!

adopting2fromUkraine said...

I've seen many times where God puts in just the right places at just the right time so that we can see that he is in what we are doing:)

Do the Moldovan deaf children know American Sign Language?


Kathy & Matt said...

I loved this story. It just shows how God is working through this adoption.
Thanks for sharing it.

Your new blog looks great.

Joy Rae said...

Hey there! What a great story! I am so excited for you guys. My husband and I are also adopting from Ukraine and are really excited. We leave this coming monday. I will be following your blog for exciting updates.

Joy Rae

BethPie said...


I love stories like this because it's clearly God revealing Himself and reminding us that HE is in control. He cares about every detail and had those meetings planned from the beginning. :o)

Love the new blog and I'm thrilled that you're so close to your financial goal!!