Friday, January 19, 2007

Not Bethany after all....

After such a good experience with Bethany Christian services we have, in the end, decided to go with another agency for our homestudy. The reason ends up being heavily influenced by cost. Bethany requires 4 post-placement visits not required by Ukraine. They tell us that this is to protect their good name and I can see their point but I would rather not have to pay them so they can ensure their reputation! At any rate, we are just as pleased with another agency that is down the road in the other direction from our house. It was recomended by our consutlant.

We signed some papers for a notary today and my dad came and took a video for us.
In a way, it is like a pregnancy, where you want pictures of the different stages along the way. So we are trying to get a few representative pictures and videos to show the kids and to put into their "baby" books later on.

Things are really starting to move along now...


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Beth said...

That's too bad you're not going with them. I don't know what it is about that agency, but I like them :)