Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Not you, Bethany my sister, but Bethany Christian Services. We met with a woman named Carrie yesterday at a local agency here in town. This meeting was in regard to our homestudy which is a requirement for being approved to adopt anywhere. This is the one thing on our very extensive list that actually seems like a really good requirement. So much of the paper work (the sum total of which is called our Dossier) seems like unnecessary hurdles to jump through. The homestudy is where a social worker gives a report about us based on interviews with our family both corporately and individually (even the girls). This report will say that we are healthy, sane (hopefully!) and financially able to take on these new children.

I admit, I was a little nervous about this part of the process. After all, many agencies as well as individual social workers pride themselves in thier "liberal" viewpoints which are ususally a world away from our conservative beliefs! Some agencies have gone so far as to ban couples who believe in corporal punishment and even to prohibit adopting children whose ages would be less that one year away from a child living currently in the home. (As if the situation for this child in an orphanage would be preferable to being close in age to a new sibling) I admit, I just don't see eye to eye with these types of ideals. Thing is, I was afraid that this was the type of person who would be "inspecting" us and determining our fitness to adopt.

Then we met Carrie. She was very friendly, well-informed and put me right at ease. I could see that she would not look down her nose at us but would be patient to answer our myriad of questions. And ask we did! We were very comfortable with her knowledge and ability to explain the system to us as well as to anticipate what things we would find helpful--answering questions before we asked them. I am sure we asked some questions which sounded dumb (and maybe were!) but you never would have guessed it from her responses. I think I am very comfortable using this agency for our homestudy.

Phew! what a relief! Now for the footwork....


Ps. Please pray for us because we need to have a country and an agency(or not) decided on in order to have the homestudy completed. If we go with an agency to Ukraine, we would still be independant once in the country anyway. Being independent would mean that we assemble everything ourselves and get our own contacts in country. It would not mean going it entirely alone, however, because there is a lady in Florida that assists with independent adoptions to Ukraine. The independent option may mean more work for us but could save us as much as ten thousand dollars!

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