Thursday, January 04, 2007


To our children,

It feels good to have made some real progress this week. We have completed the finishing touches on the 4th bedroom in the basement. We got Mom's passport application processed. We have left several voice mails at the agency we expect to do your homestudy. (the international coordinator has been out and in and back out sick)

Next week we will finish up the school area in the basement and the storage area. We will hopefully sign the contract for your homestudy and complete our 2006 income tax returns. I also hope to get the basement measured for carpet. I have been reminded of Jesus' words this week in John 14 about preparing a place for His children. I promise that we are preparing a place for you and we will surely come to receive you.

We still think you are in Ukraine but are still looking at the possibility you are in Moldova, Latvia, Estonia or maybe even Poland. We pray that we will at least know what country you are in soon.



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Anonymous said...

Steve, that is so sweet. I have tears in my eyes. Not too unusual for me since I even tear up at commercials with cute puppies ever since our children were born! Seems to be happening a lot more lately though.

Yes, sweet children, I agree with Dad; it would certainly be good to know your country for sure.