Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Borscht recipe

I have had several requests for the borscht recipe that I used. Unfortunately, I didn't keep it. I also didn't stick to it very well.

I can tell you how I found it online, though.
First, I looked for Borscht recipes with a search engine. Specifically, I looked for one I could do in a slow cooker. I ended up cooking it on the stove anyway because school was very demanding of my attention that day and I never got a free moment in the 2-3hour window of time that I should have been cooking! Such is life... anyway, I digress.

After finding a bunch of recipes, I compared them with my favorite borscht ever. And, that, interestingly enough, I had at a Ukrainian friend's house here in the States! Anyway, she told me that there are differing versions of borscht; that some have pickled beets and some regular (I think) truthfully, it could be that some have cabbage and some don't. ANYHOOO....

I knew the basic ingredients and what I didn't want: anything pickled! I also knew that it should cook a long time to really be good. So, I chopped veggies, tossed in some leftover potroast pieces and cooked away. In the end, I added more beef broth. When I served the leftovers, I added even more. We thought there were too many veggies. Not that we don't like veggies but just that we like the borscht a little brothier. (spell-check says "brothier" isn't a word; what do they know?)

I hope that helps!



Tami said...

Thanks. It helps me get started anyway. If you end up finding the perfect recipe, let me know. Shad's still looking for a recipe to try for Christmas Eve, and he wants to get in a couple of practice runs first. ;>)

Monique said...

I am always checking to see how your little clan is doing and love your antics. You have been tagged, check out my blog to see the rules.

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you want a recipe. I have one I use in the crockpot and it's our favorite! I made it for international day at our kids' school and I was asked for the recipe.
Cath Hendrickson
(brenthendrickson[at symbol here]comcastdotnet

the Wrights said...

This comment is not about this post specifically. It's just a comment in general. I have enjoyed reading your story of your family. You have such a sweet family. My husband and I are thinking of adopting from Ukraine. When I read your feelings about adoption, of how you felt that it was the perfect expression of God's love. I felt a lump in my throat. Only two weeks ago I explained those same feelings to a friend of mine. It was a cofirmation to me. God is so good. So maybe we can swap emails or something. When you have time. We are in Maryville.Oh I have a myspace if you want to see our family.