Monday, October 13, 2008

Family picture.

I had all the kids draw a family portrait this morning for our school time (yes, we had school on Columbus Day! I forgot. And we wondered most of the day until Max's calendar activity on his math paper where the mailman was!) . It was fun seeing what the kids came up with. I mentioned before that Misha just usually draws whatever Max does but this time, he couldn't see Max's drawing very well from where he was and despite his initial concern of "How?", he dove in and got started, his tongue hanging out with all it's might!

This is his final product:
The thing that cracks me up is how well he portrayed his view of everyone. From left to right, Steve is in the back row (the black chest is chest hair. The shorts are swimming trunks. Misha is our sensory one, remember? The chest hair is a very prominent feature to him; He calls it prickly!); next is me, Mama. LOL!!! What's up with my hair?!! I am holding an ice cream cone and a flower. I also look like I am wearing Ukrainian-style tall boots!

Ivy follows me, her hair being the only in the picture that actually hangs down. Interesting, since her beautiful, long hair is really her signature feature. Max is next (after our house) and wearing his eye-patch and a sword. I think he also has a peg-leg. He wears an eye patch every day for a lazy eye. Next are Hannah and Annette. I am not sure which is which. I do notice that one of them has a big mouth. Hmmm...

Misha is that bald guy at the end. We asked him why he had no hair and he just said, "Me nee (not) I-want-it hair." And that was that.

My favorite is Vitali. He's the one in the water in the foreground. We have been having a cycle of misbehavior from him this past couple of weeks and, even though today has been a very good one, Vitali was in the water because, according to Misha, "Papa said get out of the water to Vitali and Vitalik Nee listen."

I just loved all the little clues into his mind in that picture! Hysterical how much of his own personality I see in his drawing! I am so glad I did this today.

Have a great day!


PS. I am just about to post all the kids' work on my regular day-to-day blog that I call "Life Here". If you want to take a peek, come on over!


DoveFamily said...

I love the picture - he did a fantastic job! (And I enjoyed all the other pictures, too.)


Mike and Christie said...

What a great job! We have a hairy chest complainer over here too!
Prickly is the word used. :)