Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fish story

A few weeks ago we went for our first time to our church's annual kid's fishing rodeo. We didn't think the kids would last the three hours from the first cast to the weigh in but at 9:00, nobody wanted to go home! For ten dollars total, we all ate, had a fantastic family outing and each of the kids took home an adult sized fishing pole for free!

The boys especially had fun and have been asking to go again. We took them this evening (Steve's idea) and had fun again. Would you like to see some of our pictures?

Vitali was pretty interested in the worms. Especially when it looked like they might be planning an escape!
Annette also enjoyed them. She has kind of sneaky grin here because she is getting ready to show Misha the worm that is in her hands.

Yes, he still freaks out about worms, apparently.Steve made him hold one. Misha always throws a fit before trying new things or even old things that he doesn't like but is proud of his accomplishments afterwards. See his dirty hand?
Steve, Vitali, and Misha peeking over, and through, the railing on the dock.
We did a lot of waiting....Watching our bobbers.... And replacing nibbled worms (Steve's department) .....I heard someone say once that fishing is called "fishing" for a reason. If it were easy, it would be called "catching".

We didn't catch anything.
Ivy and Annette started entertaining themselves by playing "house" with the little plastic lures in Daddy's tackle box.

Since our efforts were fruitless, we went over to Calhoun's, an on-the-water restaurant where people feed the fish below with starchy goodness left-overs from their plates. The carp that feed there are always lurking and are huge. This is one of those places where fishing can almost be called "catching".

After impressing the kids by reeling in a big carp, Steve helped Max pull one in too. Hannah also got to pull one in and they really enjoyed the challenge. Max posed proudly with his Dad so I could take a picture of his fish.
The kiddos are all tucked into bed and sleeping soundly and that is where I am heading too!

Thanks for sharing our fishing adventures with us!


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful day.
Catherine Hendrickson

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! My kids just got into fishing also. I am just waiting for one of them to get a hook caught in their eye! Yikes!!!

Mike and Christie said...

I think fishing is one of the most wonderful things.... even if you don't catch anything.

Anonymous said...

Y'all have come a long way from Hannah's 'sshiishy' pole!


Melissa E. said...

I am very impressed, Heather. Not only did you take the time to comment but you somehow seem to remember my kid's baby-talk words better than I do! I had almost forgotten about her sshiishy pole. :-)

meimers said...

That´s one big fish! I can´t wait to see all of the kids in a couple weeks from today.

I cannot get over Ivy´s beautiful hair. She looks like a little doll!