Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Misha Telling His Story of Fighting the Ukrainian Boogeyman!

By special request here is Misha telling his story about his fight with multiple Ukrainian Boogeymen.



Mike and Christie said...

Wow Misha, those are some boogeymen and you are a SUUUPPPERR HEEERRRRO!

Andrea Stange said...

Oh, I loved hearing and seeing your kids. I've seen pictures and read stories, but to actually hear them was wonderful!

BethPie said...

WOW! So expressive! His voice is so cute. I'm sure he provides hours of entertainment with these dramatic monologues!

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

I just love hearing them talk!

Fighting boogeymen is a whole lot different than playing Barbies! Have you gotten used to all of the boy energy?

Kari said...

I was watching this with Owen on my lap. He was cracking up. He was making me laugh. When it was over he said, "More, More."