Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Misha tells a story!

This is how Misha tells a story. Just substitute "ootock" (Like this) and "backman" for batman, and replace the word mugger with "bobka yoshka" (villian)


Tami said...

Please, oh please! Please post some video of him telling a story. That would be too cute to pass up! :)

Angela said...

That is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Must be a Ukie thing. Our son does the same thing, but you have to throw in some stuttering and 'go like this'. Love to hear Misha is so dramatic!
Catherine Hendrickson
IUAFN family #475

Mike and Christie said...

I'm with Tami,

PLEASE let us see him tell a story! :)

BethPie said...

Hilarious!! I'd love to see some Misha story video, as well!