Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I can't wait!

Christmas is over and we are getting ready now for the New Year's celebration. My brothers and sister and their families will be in town for the occasion and we are hoping to get a family picture taken of all of us together. Maybe next year we'll be needing a new one!

Steve got gifts for our waiting children. He bought them a soccer ball because they will probably prefer soccer to some of our American sports. He also bought three more ice cream bowls to match the five we have making enough to have one for each family member after the children arrive. Such small things but I think they are the first tangible things we have gotten specifically for these new childen. Soon we will be shopping garage sales for a bunk bed and another twin sized mattress. We'll need sheets and pillows and another dresser. Of course we will need a new vehicle, too. That will be our biggest expense but it will be for us all. These are things we can get now without knowing the gender and ages of the children.

If we do adopt from Ukraine, we won't know anything about the children untill we are there to pick them up! Scary, in a way, not knowing what we will come home with; hoping that we will be able to come home with three like we went for, ideally, two boys and a girl or three girls or three boys. That will make it easiest for dividing up the bedrooms. Such a petty criteria for such a big, important decision. Of course, if what we find is two girls and a boy (poor boy; all these girls!) , then we will still rejoice that we have found our children!

I guess I did buy something a little while back that is sort of for the children. I found three two-photo picture frames and put three pictures of our girls in them, one picture in each frame. the empty spaces are a frequent reminder to us that someday we will be able to fill those vacant spaces with our three new children's smiling faces. I can't wait!--Hmm, I say that a lot lately.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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