Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank You, STAR!

Max and Misha went to their last riding session at STAR this past Tuesday. They took pictures of themselves with their horses and wrote on their papers that they loved their horses and thanked STAR for their time there. Their pictures cracked me up!


Anonymous said...

I am shocked at the difference in the pictures the boys drew when they first came here and the pictures they draw now. They pretty much scribbled before, and now they draw so well, I think.

Grandma Falk

sara4tr said...

What wonderful photos in action! It was an honor and privilege to serve Max & Misha! They were such a joy and brightened my day. I read the article from "Everything Knoxville" and it was great! The family picture is fantastic and depicts the family love we need more familes to have now a days. Your family is inspiring,Thanks!

jhammer said...

So great to read about you guys - I'm glad the boys got to go to STAR. Saw your article in Everything Knoxville. That was great! Hope to see you guy sometime soon, Julia