Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Max's new specs

Max's lazy eye has been immensely helped through six or nine (I can't remember) months of patching but after a three-month span of trying no patch, there are some residual control issues. The Dr. recommended trying these glasses which he will wear all the time for three months and then perhaps, if necessary, three months more. This is all in an effort to avoid surgical correction.

We all think he looks very handsome and smart in his new specs. Don't you agree?

Below is a picture where he is being silly and looking over his glasses but it distinctly shows how his eye jumps away in certain circumstances--especially when looking straight up. His left eye is the trouble-maker.

Max is very proud of his glasses but the newness will wear off soon, I am sure. He was listing all the characters on Walker, Texas Ranger today for me that wear glasses! Haha! I had never noticed!


Anonymous said...

The specs look great Max! They make you look so grown up!

Miss Heather

Lynn Falk said...

Very handsome! Isaac is happy that he has a cousin with glasses, just like him. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. You look so handsome with your glasses, Max. So smart, too! Some people just look great with glasses, and you're one of those people.