Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Eastern European Orphan Graduation

As we celebrate graduation time here in the US, I wanted to draw attention to the precarious position of Eastern European Orphans as they graduate. This video is compiled of pictures I took in Moldova, Ukraine and other pictures that are public domain.

I will warn you: Some of the pictures are extremely harsh and this video is not appropriate for children.

I was asked why I chose some of the pictures I did. The reason is because this is the reality these children face. We are uncomfortable viewing the HELL these children will be living, but at least for us it only lasts 2 minutes on a video!



Irina said...

Steve, I know, what you talk about. I know it on itself. Ukraine it is a frightful country. Orphans can get higher education - so the state which gives privileges orphans talks. Actually very much orphans don't can these. A very large break between the different layers of population becomes all anymore. An orphan can not begin life with a zero and attain success. It touches orphans not only. Endless history is not closed therefore: a poor man does the child an orphan. I do not know how to tear it the reserved circle. I do, that I can: I rescue my children.

Staci and Damon said...

Steve -
What an amazing, touching video. So often we get caught up in the small stresses of our own lives and we forget those who do not have the resources and relationships we have.
Thank you - Staci

Mike and Christie said...

Thanks Steve for making this video.
We are returning to Ukraine in September to deliver aide and get more information on those who "graduate". We know of several girls in a hostel trying to work and attend school. Please pray for wisdom for us as we move in the direction of ministry.

Grandma Falk said...

It's wonderful, Steve, that you haven't allowed yourself to forget about the children you and Melissa left behind. You have done what few would do, but you haven't let that be enough; you have continued to keep the faces of the orphans in front of us.

Seeing what you have done with Max, Misha and Vitali in only four months, I wish the same for all of the Ukrainian orphans.

Thanks for a great video reminder.