Sunday, September 13, 2009

Winter Hosting

We are coordinating a local Knoxville hosting program of Ukrainian orphans from the Kharkov region. We will be posting more details over the next few days but if you may be interested in hosting this Christmas please post a comment with your contact info.


The Flying Eagle said...

Who are you working through? We have been hoping to host Garretts sister (Kremenchuk) and were wondering how we find out who does hosting in that region (Poltova region). Do you know??? monica dot massie at agedwards dot com thanks!!!!

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

Hey, we would love to set up a hosting program in the Atlanta area. Any tips on how to get started?

O'Leary said...

We live in Lenoir City and would love more information. We heard a little of your story a year ago at a foster training class. We also have mutual friends, the Moros, who have mentioned you several times. And today I was talking with a friend who mentioned the hosting program. It almost seems as if God has a plan! (Doesn't he always!)
Righ and Kristie O'Leary

Kevin and Krista said...

Oh, I want to bring them all home!

Anyone reading this and thinking of adopting older children in Ukraine, or hosting them... do it! Educate yourselves, pray, and follow your heart. Four of the most amazing examples of God's grace now call me mama. All from a city in the far east of Ukraine. I would bring more of them home if I could.

God bless!

Christy said...

My husband and I would like to get more information about the Christmas hosting. We definitely want to know more about it. We actually go to church with you guys and I have followed your blog for a while now. Please email us at Thanks!

harada57 said...
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