Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indiana Jones

Just in case there are any chicken fans out there,
I thought you all might enjoy an update on Indiana Jones, the Therapy Chicken-hopefully-not-a-rooster.

Indiana is growing and I admit to enjoying having a quirky chicken for a pet. Well, maybe I'm the quirky one since my pet is a chicken. Anyway, Indiana is kind of interesting and humorous.

Misha is doing very well as a chicken Papa. He never complains about his duties. And, fortunately, Indiana is not adverse to being held even though I would never dare label this pet chicken as cuddly! Maybe "tolerant" is a better word. I.J. does follow us around the yard ( I guess we are the "flock" to Indiana) when we are out there and, no joke, when we have left him/her outside while we were away, our return has always been heralded by Indiana Jones hurrying in run-hop-flap fashion towards our car! Haha!

I didn't take a picture of it, but Steve built Indiana a coop in the back yard. Regardless of the fact that our feathered friend likes the coop just fine, our house is sooo inviting that he/she tries to walk in on occasion! I am not kidding, we have six or seven steps up to our front door and the other day I heard a loud peeping from outside. When we opened the door to see what was the matter out there, there was Indiana Jones on the threshold, peeping to come in. When I opened the door his/her little chicken feet and clumsy wings got busy as he/she "marched" right in!
And then the other night we finally had to close the door because every time it opened there was Indiana! And, last night I heard a light knocking on the glass door in the back. Our neighbor occasionally comes to that door if she drops by but I suspected it might not be Myrtle. Sure enough, Indiana Jones was "knocking" on the door to come in. "Knock, knock, knock." Then pausing, assured that we would shout out, "Come in! All chickens welcome!"

Didn't happen.



Mike and Christie said...

LOL! I dunno Melissa, he looks like a rooster to me. :) Extra large red thingy for such a youngster. I could be wrong, but roosters are great pets too. Just not in the morning. :)

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Tetyana said...

Wow! I can't believe how much that little Indiana Jones has grown in a month and a half!!! I have never been around chickens (he/she does resemble a rooster though!) but what a fast transformation!

IJ sounds like a fantastic pet and he is doing his job wonderfully!

Tami said...

IJ sure has his own personality doesn't he? And yes, I said, 'he' because I'm with everyone else...I'm thinking rooster too! :)

Heidi and Felix said...

"Boy, I say Boy, that thar is a Roostah!"...Foghorn Leghorn Felix

Tara said...

Ha, ha, to cute

Amy said...

I have to agree.. IJ sure looks like a rooster.. you'll know for sure when/if in the next couple of weeks he tries to crow!

Lynn Falk said...

I love Misha's missing front teeth. So cute!

Maggy_Keet said...

So cute! I can't believe how much he's grown. And if he's a rooster, just build a sound proof chicken coop, haha!