Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What the boys like to do on nice spring days...

Swing shirtless,

Practice muscle-showing,

Play Perch-the-Chick,
Practice not Freaking out over little baby chick pecks which, I can assure you,
do NOT hurt in the slightest.

Swing with a pretty girl--even if she is your sister,

Anything involving sticks. Here they are guns complete with sound effects.
(and just so you know that I am not a negligent parent,
I did tell Vitali not to chase people with sticks after making sure I got a good shot.),

"Picking" flowers (another stick activity),
See? Ivy got her flowers! Thank you, Vitali!

Pose nicely for your mom who is always waving that camera around,
Take the chick for a ride in the wagon and the dump truck at the same time...
I could go on and on. :-)


:)De said...

Ah sticks...the stuff of imagination. Your boys have grown so much since coming home.


Lynn Falk said...

Ah, yes, sticks. I have collected several sticks from my yard this week and tossed them back into the woods. My boys play all kinds of make-believe games with them. It's amazing that the simplest things can entertain them for hours. It is such fun listening to their imaginations run wild on nice warm Spring days.

Two and a half weeks and our kids can all play together! And we can sit and chat. Ahhhhhh...

Leslie said...

These activities are much, MUCH better than the ones my boys choose. Sigh. God gave us boys to keep us grounded.

Kathy and Matt said...

Always love seeing your photos. Such joy!

Your children seem to be flourishing!