Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple matters of perspective...

We ate pizza in the car this evening while we were out doing this and that. I handed Misha's piece back to him and a moment later he complained, "Mama, My pizza is stuck!"

"Where?!" I asked him.

"Down there--" (pointing to the floor) "I did not drop it!" Was the reply.

"Well, How did it get there?"

Quickly came the reply, "It just fall down!"

"From where?" (can you tell I was suspicious?)

"My hand."

Oh. Well, at least he didn't drop it...

And then this one:

The boys were playing a game together when Misha came to me with a mournful wail, "Mamaaa, Max is cheater!" and then he proceeded to tell me more detail of Max's transgression. In the distance I could hear Max piping up, "Misha! You did it too!"

So I asked the poor puppy dog eyes and the wringing hands in front of me, "Misha, did you do it too?"

He tried to keep the soulful expression on his face but knew it was too late. "Yes." And with a sheepish grin he headed back happily to play with the others. I just put my head down and laughed!

Maybe you had to be there...



Mike and Christie said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall of your house sometimes. :)

They are just too funny.

MamaPoRuski said...

I just love it! Caught up reading on the baby chick and I think that is awesome! Not knowing a thing about raising them-are they hardy pets? As a child I had bunnies but they weren't as hardy and a lot of sadness and guilt came to us kids when they died from too much love...

Melissa E. said...

MamaPoRuski, So far the chick is holding its own! It has gotten a lot of handling and attention but, no, they are not all that hearty at this age especially. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Indiana Jones!